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Katelyn was trained and licensed at the prestigious Paul Mitchell School of Cosmetology. It was there that the deep passion for the art and culture of the hair industry was instilled. For two years, Katelyn traveled around the country working at hair and cosmetology trade shows where she trained in the latest trends and techniques and interacted with other amazing hair stylists/colorists.

She envisions hair as a form of art and views every head as unique. With this vision, Katelyn customizes each client service, carefully defining and catering to their specific desires and goals.

Katelyn is a multi-faceted hair colorist, talented in natural beachy blondes and dimension rich brunettes. Her highlighting technique emulates the effect that the sunlight would have on the hair. She is very skilled in creating bright, beautiful, natural looking blonde hues. She is highly skilled in the art of Balayage, highlights, relaxers, Keratin Express, and is certified in Brazilian Blowouts.

On the other side of the spectrum, Katelyn has a passion for vivid colors and excels in vibrant and exciting fashion color combinations to create a dazzling eye-catching look. She loves creating a unique meld of magical tones and is never one to turn away a color correction challenge!

Katelyn is also a hair extension artist who believes that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. With her expertise and top quality hair, she performs extensions applications that can offer clients a new look. She is a certified in Hot Heads extension specialist.

She loves to work with the natural texture of hair, never fighting it and only enhancing certain elements where needed by cutting and styling to customize every client. Effortless and natural beauty has always inspired her and been a huge influence in the way she cuts, colors and styles hair. With her training as a Hair loss consultant from the National Hair Loss Association, Katelyn can provide her clients with information on different hair loss types.

Katelyn’s true talent lies in her passion for quality and integrity, keeping hair as healthy as possible throughout any and all change. She believes that any successful service starts with a thorough consultation and clear communication.

She focuses on styling your hair to compliment not only your taste, but also your lifestyle. It’s a fact that a great style can enhance one’s self-confidence and bring one’s self-image into focus. A great style or blowout sends you out of the salon brimming with joy and excitement. It can attract and influence people, as well as bolster your energy, drive and success in all aspects of life.
Katelyn works on both women and men and can’t wait to assist you in reaching your color and style goals!

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