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Lisa has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years. Along with managing a salon, she has specialized in curly hair her entire career. As a resident of Seal Beach for the past 20 years, Lisa loves the local community and bumping into her clients on Main Street. She also enjoys surfing, running and traveling with her husband.

Having curly hair herself, Lisa understands the numerous challenges that come with cutting, coloring and styling curly hair. Lisa is a trained DevaCurl stylist and believes your hair should be cut ‘where it lives’ to achieve the most natural results for each client. She will guide you step by step on how to style and manage your curly hair and knows the tips and tricks to keep your hair looking frizz-free and beautiful all day long. She truly understands what you’re dealing with. Additionally, Lisa has attended the ‘Art of Texture’ training at the DevaCurl Academy in NY, and is a DevaCurl product pro.

Lisa is also a Goldwell color expert and believes in leaving your hair as natural and low maintenance as possible. In color, cutting and styling, Lisa believes ‘less is more’.

Lisa also enjoys doing men’s haircuts. Whether it is a natural shape or tapered fade, Lisa can provide a personalized wash and haircut, quickly and efficiently. Lisa also loves sports and can talk Dodger baseball all day long.

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